Nothing to lose, or everything to gain?

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

Often when we’re asked to make a call on some opportunity we might be told “You’ve got nothing to lose.”  In other words it’s free, it takes very little time, and basically it’s at no risk.  We may even feel it has no inherent value.

But isn’t that focusing on the wrong side of the coin?  If we were told “You have everything to gain”, wouldn’t it immediately bring us into a state of creativity, thinking of possibility rather than status quo?

Think of where you find yourself right now – your business, family, social environments.  Tony Robbins tells us that our energy will be channeled where our focus is.  If you do something because you are thinking ‘nothing to lose’, how does that feel?  If however, you rather tell yourself that you have ‘everything to gain’, how does that feel?

Different , right?

For me that could be the difference between staying on the couch and squandering an opportunity, or being compelled to take a step towards a positive future.

So take 2 minutes and watch my video.  One step forward……

God Bless