Mobilizing Remarkable People

Changing the world is not reserved for those well-known ‘big’ leaders. Remarkable people are everywhere. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. These are the people that bring about much-needed change in our world. The people at the coalface. In a word, us.

You may feel ordinary and unremarkable. But if you have a pulse you have the potential of being remarkable. It is our desire to awaken that spirit within each of our clients, and partner with them as they connect with their big, hairy, audacious goals and achieve more than they thought possible.

We are especially passionate about value-based leaders at any age or level, since they are the role models that shape the people around them. They impact the future.


Executive Life Coaching

Stuck? You cannot outperform your thinking. Challenge and improve your thoughts and beliefs with world-class coaching. Audio sessions available anywhere on the planet.

Workshops and Mentoring

Team development on topics of values, leadership, strategy, conflict resolution and more. Services range from short talks to weekends to longer-term engagements.

Playbook Retreat

Launching a new business, product or life phase? Our 48hr intense Playbook Retreat will accelerate your progress. Break down your self-imposed limitations and produce a practical implementation plan.


Decision Point

This personal development book demands introspection on values, beliefs, character and behaviours in a leadership context.


COMING SOON… This short BLOG series details a personal experience of steps leading up to burnout, the crash itself and the recovery.


COMING SOON…This BLOG series details character traits and case studies of Remarkable People – ordinary people doing extraordinary things.