“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker

Your executive team culture has more of an impact on your organization’s ability to achieve its goals than your strategy.  Therefore, why wouldn’t you want to understand more about your team’s culture?  Wouldn’t you want to know how to adapt it to realize its full potential?

The Leadership Game acts as an informal facilitated assessment which will highlight your team’s leadership level.  By playing the Leadership Game, your team will see how they apply their leadership principles, and where they are lacking.  If the area of culture is too intangible to you, this game will make it clear in a fun, low-risk environment, and uncover areas where improvements can be made.

Every team has a culture.  Either it’s there by design, or it has evolved by default.  But it’s there, and it determines how far your team will go.  Is your team culture a guiding light in a hazy world or a cobra in a dark room?

The Leadership Game accommodates teams of ideally 6-8 people, and takes approximately three hours to play.  The outcome is a post-game discussion to discuss the findings and potential solutions.