The Playbook Retreat provides business owners and individuals with an exclusive opportunity to plan and analyse their personal and/or business intentions while being facilitated by a thought leader in a secluded location. This allows for an in-depth and uninterrupted thinking experience to construct this creative form of a business plan for your existing or new business venture. Exercises for the Playbook Retreat have been gathered over a number of years and from various disciplines, such as personal growth, process optimization, and business design.

Most importantly, the Playbook Retreat creates 48hrs of relaxed space and time for individuals to think through their own aspirations, their customers, products, business models, etc., and emerge with a true business Playbook, which describes the desired scenarios and the pre-defined actions to take advantage of those scenarios.  Exercises are scalable, allowing participants to return to their Playbooks and adjust whenever the need arises. The Playbook Retreat is limited to 10 people per retreat.  Playbook retreats for corporate teams can also be arranged.