Five little words.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

We can easily write Wayne Dyer’s words off as useless positive thinking, which has no impact.  But it goes deeper than that – it’s about rewiring how you rise to challenges, and if you can accomplish that, then you can make a massive difference in your own life and the lives of people you interact with.

So how do we rise to the current challenge of lockdown restrictions and all that goes with it?  My go-to way is to make the challenge small, and to remind it (and myself) that it has a limited lifespan, and I’ll be around way longer than it will.  I do this by using the God-given gift of imagination and these five little words:

In a year from now….

Build a positive picture of where you will be a year from now, what you will be doing, what it will feel like, what joy you will get from it.  Immediately the mind and energy shifts from the here and now, to a creative state of anticipation.  And from here, it is much easier to deal with the challenge that awaits.

What is waiting for you………in a year from now?

God Bless