How the decisions you make, make you.

Life can be messy and obscure, but your decisions don’t need to be complicated.  By understanding how you’ve been influenced, what you think and believe, and then by choosing your priorities, you can set up a Decision Point framework that reveals who you are and how you will respond to life’s messy challenges.

In this way the decisions you make, make you.

Whether you lead yourself, your children and family, your team, your company or even your nation, if you are teachable, Decision Point will bring clarity to your decision-making.


Frame of Reference – The External Influences

  • What is a “good” leader?
  • How do I lead by example?
  • Where do I lead from?
  • What do I concentrate on?
  • What beliefs determine my actions?
  • Who do I learn from?
  • How much does my opinion count?
  • Why is this the way we do things?

Decision Points – The Internal Choices

  • Who do I want to impact?           
  • Who will I respect?
  • Will it be about me?
  • Will I put people or finance first?
  • Is it only about the here and now?
  • Who will I focus on serving?
  • What kind of role model will I be?
  • Will I be teachable?
  • How can I be authentic?
  • Will manipulation be one of my tactics?
  • Will I act from conviction or do I need to be right?
  • Will I go with the flow or stand on principle?
  • What if my decisions are unpopular?
  • Will I prioritize personal growth?
  • Where does gut-feel fit in?
  • Will I strive for excellence?
  • How firm will my commitments be?
  • How do I outlast the stresses and pressures?
  • How will I crack the whip?
  • In my team, where do I fit in?
  • How focused am I on communicating my goals?
  • How will I deal with conflict?

“This will definitely add value to whoever reads and applies the Q&A section, especially in their business environment.” – Alexi Prodromou, Sales Director

“I wish I had read this before some leadership decisions I had to make but now I have a good reference on how to improve from here onwards.” – Danielle Sparrow, Engineering Student

“In our current times of chaos and turmoil, the foundations that this work will lay for people in their lives (everyday as well as work) are sorely needed.” – Beryl Donkin, Minister (retired)

“The notion of foundational decisions that influence other decision points was profound for me. It reminded me to carefully choose my core values/beliefs on which all other areas of my life and leadership are built.” – Abraham Mosimi, Finance/Compliance Coordinator

“I believe that Decision Point will be displayed among the titles of many other great books on leadership that have been written throughout the decades.” – Angelique du Toit, Author and Inspirational Speaker

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