Dieter Jansen

John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach and Facilitator.

My sweet spot is partnering with leaders to unlock their business’s real potential.

Leadership and company culture go hand in hand.  Leadership is not only about what you know, but also about who you are.  Often executives may run reasonably profitable businesses, but do not display the leadership skills required to inspire their teams to unlock the business’ real potential and longevity.

I stand alongside you and your leadership team to develop a culture that drives future growth and profits.  As an engineer I understand the moving parts of a system and with my education and experience as a John Maxwell-trained coach, I marry strong people skills with an in-depth understanding of automated systems and data. My experience in the corporate sector enables me to integrate global best practice with owner-lead solutions.

I’ve practically overcome many of the challenges leaders face:

  • Managed 24hr production teams and departments up to nearly 300 people
  • Negotiated with challenging unions for extended periods, and achieved the desired outcomes
  • Navigated boardroom politics as a board member of a R500M+ subsidiary of a listed company
  • Managed technical turnarounds and change projects
  • Developed leadership teams on the job, leading those teams to come up with solutions without instructing them what to do
  • Managed a regional Business Consulting Office across several large corporate clients
  • Served as Exco member and shareholder of a R50M+ private company
  • Transformed team warzones into well-functioning problem-solving think-tanks
  • Lectured facilitation skills and problem-solving at a prominent IT college

I work internationally and bring a can-do attitude, outstanding team leadership skills, a willingness to roll up my sleeves and get involved in implementing and embedding permanent, strategic solutions for companies that want to make a lasting impact.

I would be delighted to work with you if you:

  • Want to achieve even greater personal and professional results and don’t want a yes-man,
  • Are willing to make the internal and external changes required to achieve desired results,
  • Require technical and analytical expertise combined with organisational, team and leadership development skills,
  • Require a sparring partner who contributes to significant and sustainable improvement, and significantly improves project success.

Dieter Jansen Group

Some projects will require additional and complementary skills, such as co-facilitated breakaways, conferences, or detailed strategy-development programs.  These skills exist within an association of fellow coaches and preferred colleagues, who will be incorporated to best serve client needs.