Dieter Jansen

John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach.

A problem-solver with experience in Engineering, Manufacturing, Process Optimization, Consulting, HR, Executive Management and Coaching, and Leadership, I help people build a legacy into themselves and their organizations.

  • I have a passion for people, want to make a difference, and don’t accept things as they are, but as they could be.  I am honest about what I see.
  • I particularly excel at assisting value-based leaders.
  • I combine technical and analytical expertise with organizational skills, team and leadership development.
  • I thrive in a growth environment where dreams are big and risks are common.
  • I only coach clients where I can contribute to significant and sustainable improvement.

I consistently hone my skills further as a highly valued advisor to national and international leaders and organizations, and as I learn, I make greater contributions to my existing clients.

A detailed CV is available on request.

Dieter Jansen Group

Some projects will require additional and complementary skills, such as co-facilitated breakaways, conferences, or detailed strategy-development programs.  These skills exist within an association of fellow coaches and preferred colleagues, who will be incorporated to best serve client needs.