You are the example, always!

“Bad things happen when good people keep quiet.” – unknown

This is NOT a blog about the US elections, but relevant anyhow.

Early feedback about my book, Decision Point, has been interesting.  Predominantly positive from all ages, some more senior folk feel that it is more suited to the younger generation.  I get it. I’m a self-confessed idealist, positive thinker, and I’m always striving toward having a positive impact on those around me, and how things could be.

It’s easy for us that are older, and have had life kick the crap out of us a few times, to become disenchanted with “the way things could be.”  Eventually you give up the fight and make life as comfortable as possible, and leave the change the world stuff up to the next generation.  But that in itself is a choice – a choice to accept the belief that life will never be perfect and it simply is what it is.

That choice really saddens me, because everything we do, EVERYTHING we do, or don’t do, is seen by others.  And as John Maxwell puts it “People do what people see.”  Our kids, our team, our friends are impacted by the choices we make, even if we never utter a word about them!  And especially if we are in a position of authority.  We end up discouraging those around us from making the impact they could.

For my part, I love the fact that my people see me as an example of bouncing back from setbacks.  I didn’t set out to be that example, but that’s what I have been told by them.  We are always an example, good or bad.

In this current time where, more than any other, fringe elements are hugely and sometimes violently vocal throughout the world, it is especially important for the so-called “silent majority” to stand up and be heard.  And it starts with the internal decision to enter the fray.

What example will you be?

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